Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Agent Announces: "That Favre Will Play If Healthy"

Brett Favre's Agent, Bus Cook, Announces that "Brett Favre Will Play If Healthy."
This is great news for Vikings fans. Now the only piece that has to fall into place for the Vikings to Go to Dallas this year is for Favre's doctor, Doctor Andrews, to clear him for play this year. Dr. Andrews better clear Brett to play this year because if not he'll fell receive the hate of the Purple Pride community. For real, Brett Favre has undergone three ankle surgeries, I'm sure it's just sore and stiff, not a serious problem. The main priority for our offensive line this year is to Stop Julius Peppers [Bryant Mckinnie] from abusing Favre. Peppers, recently traded to the Chicago Bears, is a beast when it comes to sacking quarterbacks. We face the Bears two times this year and our offensive line, especially Bryant Mckinnie better come prepared to play some smash-mouth Football those days:Here's The 2010-2011 Schedule with My Predicted Wins And Losses. Wins are purple, Bright Red  is losses [only 2], and Blue is vs The Chicago Bears:

Minnesota Vikings Schedule
9/09 Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints -Biggest game of the year, we should show them how lucky they were during that NFC Championship Game Last Year!
9/19 Miami Dolphins @ Minnesota Vikings- Automatic Win, no threats on Offense!
9/26 Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings- Automatic Win, Enough Said
Vikings Bye Week-Rest Up Boys!!
10/11 Minnesota Vikings @ New York Jets-Tough Game, But In The End Favre Delivers A Game-Winning Pass To Rice In The End-zone
10/17 Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings- Playoff Match-Up Of Last Year, Vikings Roll Because Of Superior Defense And Pressuring Romo In The Pocket
10/24 Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers-We'll Give The Packers One Only Because They Have Home-Field Advantage!
10/31 Minnesota Vikings @ New England Patriots- Get To Brady Early On Defense, Force A Turnover And Build Momentum From There, Too Much Adrian Peterson And Favre!!
11/7 Arizona Cardinals @ Minnesota Vikings- Superior Offensive And Defensive Lines We Win The Battle In The Trenches And Take The Cake!!
11/14 Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears- Brett Favre Explodes For 300 Yards And Jared Allen Gets His, Vikings Win!!
11/21 Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings- Our Defense Holds In The Second Half And We Beat The Cheese heads At Home!
11/28 Minnesota Vikings@ Washington Redskins-Donovan McNabb With No Other Weapons, Haynesworth Still Trying To Pass The Test...
12/05 Buffalo Bills @ Minnesota Vikings- No Weapons On Offense-Clear Favorites-We Steam Roll Them!!
12/12 New York Giants @ Minnesota Vikings- Too Much Eli Manning For Our Secondary To Handle, Vikings Drop One.
12/20 Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings- Peppers Is Neutralized By Mckinnie And The Vikes Outscore Them For Another Victory!
12.26 Minnesota Vikings @ Philadelphia Eagles- Brett Favre Is Too Good To Be Stopped And Adrian Peterson Has A Good Day!
1/2/2011 Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions- When's The Last Time We Lost To The Lions? 2007?

So, Our Main Focus for this year is to protect Favre and Keep The Turnovers To A Minimum, [that means AP has to hold onto the ball ] and our road to the playoffs and eventually the Superbowl doesn't look to hard.  Now that we know that Brett is coming back if Dr, Andrews Clears Him For This Season all we can do is wait and pray for #4 to Lead us to the holy land. Last year, we had bad turnover problems in the playoffs, that was the only thing that prevented us from taking home the Lombardi Trophy. So , If we just tweak Adrian Peterson's carrying Style and Get Harvin To learn how to run out of the backfield, all the while keeping Brett Healthy The Superbowl is Ours.

Minnesota Vikings Superbowl  XLV Champions!!!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brett Favre Retiring? Star Tribune Confirms

This is the third time we've announced this, but this time, it may actually be permanent: Brett Favre has reportedly announced  his plans to retire from the NFL.[ BS, rigamorarole, persifilage,lies, impossible, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! My Initial Reactions]!!
Favre's 19 seasons in the league have been filled with more touchdowns, interceptions, drama, retirements and unretirements than any other quarterback in NFL history. Often brilliant, sometimes frustrating, but never boring, Favre seemed to always be in the limelight, whether as Packers icon or would-be savior of the Vikings and Jets.

In Minneapolis, early this morning, The Star Tribune's Headline was "Bret Favre Announces Final Retirement."We all know about the previous two times he's announced this without any indication of coming back, that he was retired officially. We've been through the Brett Favre Roller Coaster full of tears, lies, rumors, and eventually bliss with his sudden returns. One thing that I can tell Vikings Fans truthfully from what I've heard today surronding Brett Favre is that there is as much chance that Brett Favre is actually retired as there is a chance that His Wife isn't hot!!!  Slim chance, right! Everyone is skeptical of the "official retirement announcement" by the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Ryan Longwell, his teammate for nine seasons [counting this when when he comes back] has said that he talked to him yesterday and there was no indication of Favre retiring, and that he never received a text message like when he "retired" with the Jets and Packers.  Has the silverfox finally succumbed to his ankle pain.stiffness and called it quit for goods? Or he he just trying to get 20 million instead of the 13 million guaranteed he has for this year like the other top quaterbacks[Tom Brady And Drew Brees]? Brett has tweeted and texted many times that his ankle is bothering him and that his ankle is the only thing that's stopping him from returning to the Vikings organization. Even at the ESPYS he declared that his ankle wasn't at the point where he wanted it. Does this mean the misery for Brett Favre and the Shoe-in Vikings this year for the Superbowl in Dallas. It is and it isn't. It is, becasue T-jack is unexperienced and not clutch in pressure situations, as displayed in the 2008 playoffs vs the Eagles[Asante Samuel 74  pick-off for a touchdown to give the Eagles the lead at Half].

Brett Favre's Ankle After Three Surgeries

Say it isn't so, oh wait it probably isn't true!

Are You Serious?Brett Favre Retirment Announcement:

Here's A Video of the live report:

 Brett Favre Retiring? Playoffs? are you talking about no playoffs?!

  1. He's Still Alive: What else is BRETT FAVRE going to do besides play football for the Vikings and win the Superbowl. Ahh, let's see, mow his lawn with his John Deere Riding Lawn-Mower, play with his kids, Go Fishing, Watch the Vikings win the Superbowl with T-Jack, watch TV, Play golf, Go hunting for bucks, take a walk with his wife, sleep, eat steaks and grill-out, and have sex. Minus the sex part, everything on this list fails in comparison with leading the Vikes to the Superbowl!! This was the storyline for this year, "Brett Favre and The Vikings Return To Win The Superbowl After Devastating Loss to Saints." Not Brett gets pooped and quits!! You've had three ankle surgeries, I'm sure it's fine. at least give Vikings Fans some closure, For real!
  2. He Still has pure joy for the game: I don't have to go into details on that. Everyone knows that Brett is the most entertaining player to watch in the NFL. Losing him from football is like losing Roger  Federer from Tennis, Tiger Woods from Golf, John Madden from Announcing, Kobe Bryant from Basketball, Phi Jackson from Coaching, Lance Armstrong from Cycling, Michael Phelps from Swimming, and A-Rod from Baseball. What to they all have in common? They all are the respectful kings of their sport and play it with pure joy and love. There isn't a figure in sports that is more amicable than Favre. Even Green Bay Fans Still Love him unconditionally!

       3. He's Getting 13 million Guaranteed this year and a Superbowl: Who's to doubt that the Vikings aren't the favorites for the Superbowl this year if we reacquired Favre, not certainly the Saints [lucky bastards]!
We have no holes in our roster, [except back-up quarterback], and our defense and offensive lines combined are the highest paid, most talented lines in the NFL.Brett can , and still can win a Superbowl if he banishes his impulsive action.

       4. His wife renewed her Lifetime Fitness Subscription In Minneapolis: Certainly this is more concrete evidence that Brett is staying in Minnesota and playing with the Vikings than the legitimacy of Brett Favre Saying he's retired. I mean, why else would Deanna renew her subscription? People from the Deep South, as Brett and Deanna are, don't just switch lifestyles to the Midwest and the freezing,snowy conditions for nothing.

        5. His teammates will talk him out of it, or he'll realize what he still has in Minnesota: Ryan Longwell, AP, Childress, and all of his friends in the NFL will be sending him texts telling him how good he still is and how they hate to see him go and he'll flop his intent and return to the Vikings.

       6. Brett Favre Is Too Good To Retire: C'mon he just came off his statistically Best Season! The man had 32 touchdowns and a 67.5 % complete Percentage. He never had a better season than in 2009, he can't be completely down with his decision even if that's his feeling right now.

     7. Bret Favre Is Impulsive: Brett Favre is a guy who lives in the moment. Do you think he actually compared all of the intangibles and opportunities he has or did he just wake up with a stiff ankle and decide in a rush of despair, I can't play this year! He never gave a press conference like the other two times, doesn't that sound odd.

    8. He never gave a press conference or his word: The Two previous retirement announcements, he declared it live on television. Adding to this fact, he never told Childress or any of his teammates or friends that He's retiring. Just some unofficial text message to the Media.

   9. No Video or tangible evidence. I don't see anybody confirming this announcement.

    10. Brett is Unpredictable: We will never know until T-jack steps onto the field under center vs the Saints in the 1st regular season game of the year.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Best Affiliate Programs On The Web

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Summer Jobs for teenagers and College students are out there, you just have to dig. You can be self-employed or apply for a local job in your area. Here are The Top ideas:

1. Farms and Farmers Markets
By June, most of the nearly 2-million farms in the U.S. have begun planting, but early summer is when things really kick into high gear. Increased production means an increased need for labor. Given an average growing season extending into October, there are months of work ahead. Even if you live outside America's Farm Belt, a local or family owned operation is probably within driving distance. Community Supported Agriculture, or CSAs, often have work-for-produce programs, where you receive a portion of food every month in exchange for your time.

If traipsing through a field pulling weeds and tilling soil isn't exactly your thing, farmers markets may be right up your alley. Like CSAs, farmers markets are a seasonal creature in need of employees for only a few summer to autumn months. Most operate on weekends, allowing you to either work a second job or have some downtime for travel and recreation.

With either of these options, satisfaction is a daily bonus. Many small farms are organic and sell directly to community members, giving a boost to the local economy and your peace of mind. Go to Local Harvest, to find a national directly of farms or markets near you. Rather than simply call, look up the farm's address and visit the owners. As with all employers, they value a personal chat. Just make sure you call first to make an appointment. 

2. DIY and Entrepreneurial Start-Ups
Painting fences isn't just for Huck Finn. (Rule No.1: No literature references during summer vacation). Even if you've performed odd summer jobs since a young age, now is no time to stop. You'll need to spend some cash on equipment, but you can save a few bucks at places like Ace Hardware and Gardener's Supply Company. Otherwise, there's very little overhead. College towns offer a wealth of work in July and August, as landlords and homeowners prepare rental properties for new tenants. Talk with local realty companies to see if they need help with upkeep or maintenance.

You might also ask real-estate agents if they have any move-out cleaning jobs. Housecleaning companies and independent contractors often don't want to take on these one-time-only jobs, so there's more opportunity for youthful entrepreneurs. Some companies prefer cleaners use green products, so you might check out MyCleaningProducts or Home Depot for bulk purchases.

Summertime might seem to scream outdoor labor, but feel free to get creative. An article from claims the time you spend uploading photos to Facebook and following friends on Twitter can be turned into cash. Many businesses are looking for young people who are computer and social-media savvy, especially small and locally owned companies.

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3. U.S. Census Bureau and Nonprofit Organizations
The 2010 Census might have had some painfully confusing and delirious ads (why Ed Begley, Jr.?), but it created loads of new jobs for people of all ages. Although door-to-door positions have been filled, the Census Bureau is still hiring for other part-time work at their 12 regional census offices. Nearly every state is in need of field representatives to conduct surveys and phone interviews, primarily during evenings and weekends. Keep in mind, however, that these jobs often require people 18 or older with access to a car, so young'uns will have better luck elsewhere.

Nonprofit organizations are everywhere and serve almost any cause, from animal shelters and soup kitchens to environmental advocacy groups and art galleries. The National Council of Nonprofits has an online directory of organizations listed by state. Find your state and search through a list of members. You'll be hard pressed to find a paid position with any nonprofit -- the name says it all -- but volunteer hours and community service can build a resume and make you more appealing to college admission officers.

Some organizations hire people to pass petitions, but be careful when accepting such positions. The "non-profit" may actually be a blind to gather addresses and other personal data, rather than building grassroots support.

4. Internships
You really should have been looking for internships in January, but tests, housing issues and roommates tend to get in the way. Fortunately, companies look for new interns year-round, even if the positions don't start until August. The trick is to find a job that excites you, whether or not it fits into your career goal. Internships are about preparation. Take it seriously and create a professional resume, cover letter and set of goals. Check with your school counselor, career office or college department for internship and job listings.

Even unpaid positions offer benefits that can outweigh the lack of pay. Aside from experience, internships are a great way to network with professionals deep inside an industry, build relationships outside of school, and dip your toes in a "real" workplace environment.

When you do find an internship, the sweats and gym shorts you wear to class won't cut it with some employers. Although a nice pair of slacks or a smart blouse may seem expensive now, dress clothes are an investment in your future. Stores like Banana Republic and JCrew cater to the young and hip. Use coupons, free shipping offers and sales to keep expenses down.

5. Resorts
"Paid vacation" doesn't always refer to a benefits package bonus, especially for young people. If you recently graduated or are looking to take a semester off, several resorts and hotel operations offer programs specifically for people in their late teens and early twenties. There are multiple websites to browse for resort and overseas jobs, such as ResortJobs and JobMonkey. When searching similar sites, beware of scams. Some require payment upfront before allowing you access.

The details of these positions vary widely, but most require a minimum six-month commitment. In addition, travel expenses to the destination are your responsibility and the pay isn't extraordinary. To make up for this, most companies cover room, board and food. Plus, during down time, you can enjoy all the perks of whatever destination you find yourself in. Sweet!

6. Babysitter and Nanny
When looking for a part-time position, it's easy to forget summer is exactly the same as winter for most parents, minus the fact their kids are out of school. Babysitting is one of the few jobs that usually require little to no previous experience and offer flexible hours, easy-going employers and screaming children...but hopefully not.

Finding a family can be a bit tricky, especially if you're new in town or don't have any previous contacts; but there are a number of ways to go about searching. A good place to start is placing your own ad or searching ads placed on Craigslist. You'll find these under the "Jobs" column for your particular city. Click on the ETC tab and browse for postings in your area. You'll also find possible positions under "Gigs," "Domestic."

7. College IT Support
College campuses are always in need of IT technicians. With a large pool of eager students studying for careers in computers, universities tend to hire in-house. Many departments lose people during the summer. If you're stuck with a lease and looking for a job that pays more than the local fast-food joint, most colleges are still hiring. As with an internship, check listings through your school to see who is hiring and when.

8. On-Campus Jobs
Instructors who work year-round might need assistants to grade papers, organize research or help with a number of other tasks that don't require specific or technical skills. Check with your favorite prof to see what you can do (and hopefully earn some cash). Again, it's all about putting yourself out there. Even if there are no specific openings, take the initiative and ask potential campus employers.

9. Theme Parks
Theme parks of all sizes expand staffs to manage the summer bustle. Jobs are available in a variety of areas, from entry-level maintenance and custodial positions to paid marketing and promotional internships. The largest parks, like Six Flags, Universal Orlando and Disney are incredibly popular, making the selection process competitive. (Disney also has strict regulations on employee appearance and deportment).

The range of jobs for these companies extends beyond the parks. For example, Disney hires drivers, airport representatives and vacation planners for all of its locations.

If you can't land your dream job with Mickey, don't turn your nose up at a local amusement park job. The hourly pay is similar and the atmosphere is comparable, just on a smaller scale. Hiring is ongoing and the staff is almost exclusively young adults.

10. ESL in Asia
Teaching English in a foreign country (also known as ESL for English as a Second Language) is a unique opportunity, especially if you're a recent college graduate who missed the chance to travel abroad while in school. Before it's time to settle down with a house, car payment and family, ESL jobs allow you to live on the other side of the world and become immersed in a new culture. has a searchable database of programs around the world for people as young as 20. The demand is highest in China and southeast Asia, where positions range from a classroom setting with elementary students to adults in major cities. Most employers provide a salary, orientation program and accommodations.

Before you get serious, research the commitment of teaching abroad. Many contracts last for a year or more and require a bachelors degree. You typically don't need to be fluent in the native language, but it's important to understand teaching ESL in Asia is the same as teaching at home. In-class experience is often preferred. If you have none, visit a website like TEFL for tips on lesson plans, classroom management and culture shock.

11. Summer Youth Employment Programs
Summer youth employment programs across the country have created thousands of jobs since 2009 for people ages 14 to 24. Last year, New York City's jobs program alone placed over 52,000 youth at nearly 8,700 work sites -- impressive numbers to say the least. Most of the positions are entry level and part time, but employers include museums, law firms, summer camps and government offices. Be aware most programs are aimed at lower-income families and require proof of household earnings.

Most cities have already selected and placed applicants, but there may be positions available near you. Visit the website for the major city nearest you. If you can't find anything, give the appropriate office a call (usually the department of employment or economic development). They might know of openings that can't be found elsewhere.

12. Lawn-care/Snow Removal  Business: All you need is a truck , a lawnmower,  a weed-wacker, gas, and oil. I own my own lawnmowing business:
For just over 5 years now and let me tell you, it's the best job in the world. You are your own boss ,you decide your own hours, you reap 100% profit, you work by yourself, no pressure, and best of all the pay-out is great, especially for  customers that are seniors.The best equipment in order to have the most productivity and success is to have a lawn tractor[which you can haul without a truck but by hand] or a riding lawnmower[you need a truck to haul this]. Now, take it from an expert who's earned over 30 thousand dollars in lawn care, [about 5 thousand -8 thousand per year] this business is the easiest work you're going to get for the compensation.As for snow removal, you just have to wheel the machine over to your customer's house, or use a truck if you have one. Snow-blowing is usually not as profitable because you have to have atleat 6 inches of snow on the ground to be able to use a snow-blower, but you can charge about 30-40 dollars per removal. Also, be equipped with rock salt or gravel to get rid of the icy surfaces of your customers house. So, in between the two seasonal jobs you could stick in some raking in between them and be self-employed year around if you really built up a client base. Every time you get a new customer, do a great job on their lawn and then ask them to refer you to their friends. You'd be surprised how many people need their lawn taken care of, mainly the elderly population. So, in short this is the easiest and most reliable way to make sure you get assured income.